I think this is attempt number five for me to start my own blog? Pretty sure I average a blog launch per year since 2010. You’d think I’d just stop at this point but I don’t. Each time I evolve I get this inescapable thought, a feeling I can’t shake – to start blogging again.

Why do I always stop? Honestly? Laziness. Something’s missing. Commitment is scary. I’m afraid to ask for help. Comparison. The list goes on.

Why again, why now? Well, I’ve finally admitted to myself what it is: Sharing of myself. That is the “something’s missing” I mentioned earlier. Nowadays everyone and their mother is a style blogger – aspiring or otherwise (no shade because this will still be part style blog). I wanted a point of differentiation. An edge. A hole I could help fill. That point is me. My story. My experiences. My life + style. It goes deeper than that though. While my stories are in fact mine, they’re not some unicorn-like algorithm. I share a common thread with so many other young women like me: The Black Female Millennial.

Now this is going to be a challenge for me because I have a HUGE issue with vulnerability – which we’ll explore later because it seems to be an epidemic. I literally and figuratively run – or briskly walk while looking over my shoulder – the other way, but it’s something I’m working on. My style blogs of the past have always been a form of “comfortable transparency” (I just made that up, don’t Google it). Letting people see just enough of me but not too much. That and being brought up under the “don’t share too much” household, as I’m sure many of you were. This equalled me not wanting to speak up and share anything of myself (again, another blog post).

Just as  the saying “with age comes wisdom”, similarly, with growth comes change.

I talk to a fair amount of female friends, acquaintances, strangers in line at Starbucks and one thing that always comes up is that this post-grad journey has been hard. You’re probably like, “well duh.” BUT in this social media age, it’s easy for people to feel like they don’t “fit” or have it “right”. It’s easy to look like you’re living the champagne life. All the while you (and quite possibly them too) are at home paying student loans and savoring the pint of Talenti you bought with the left over grocery money. Another scenario: You’re not where you think you should be when it looks like everyone is becoming an overnight success. The thing is, few share it actually took them 10+ years and a lot of opposition to get there. Very few document and reveal their stories; you get the truncated version after it’s all said and done. So that’s what I’m here to do. Document the process. Now style is still a very big part of who I am so, as I mentioned earlier, that will be incorporated, but this is also, what I hope will be, a space of comfort, connection and inspiration for myself and you.

“It’s lit.”

– A Millennial Proverb


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