Jacket: London Street Market | Dress: H&M | Boots: ASOS | Scarf: ASOS | Red Lip: Sephora

Finally a style post! I’ve been dragging my feet on sharing these because I kept wanting everything to be “just right” (read: perfect, which we all know isn’t real). I had a good hard look at myself and said “Cut it out and just DO IT!” so I did it.

This look brings some of my favorite style elements into one outfit. Black, red lips, and thigh highs. These ASOS thigh highs have been my fall/winter highlight for a few reasons:

1.They actually hit me mid-thigh which is never an easy feat at 5’9″.

2. They’re affordable (~$100).

3. They’re comfortable.

4. They’re black.

I haven’t been able to get as much wear out of them as I had hoped, due to Mother Nature delaying her winter wrath, but there’s still time for her to show up. Either way, I fully intend to keep these boots in my arsenal for quite some time.

Hope you enjoy and cheers to 2016!


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