STYLE | Denim Overalls



Overalls: TJ Maxx (similar) | Top: Zara (similar) |Hat: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Shoes: Converse

Crazy delayed post but it is here! I’ve been struggling a lot between showcasing outfits that a more aspirational versus my actual day  to day looks. In short, I decided I can do both because…why not? Plus, I feel you guys will appreciate them either way and it’s fun to exercise some imagination with what I call my “future me” looks. Today however, we’re focusing on the everyday.

This look is probably one of my favorites. I love overalls. I feel like a really trendy (oversized) kid.  For the longest, I struggled to find a pair that would accommodate my longer legs and Black girl posterior (that lower back gap can be killer).

Typically I rock overalls for  my Saturday morning Farmer’s Market run. Super casual but I wanted to find a way to elevate them a bit to look like a more sophisticated oversized kid. I think it worked out well. Plus, this has been a clutch fit for weathering this odd faux-spring weather.



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