In Review: NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint

I have a major appreciation for makeup and love looking into the latest trends and products just as much as the next person. I can watch makeup tutorials for hours on end but the fact is that the chance of me trying most looks is slim to none. When it comes to my personal makeup aesthetic I like to keep it pretty minimalistic. My goal is to keep my face looking and feeling as natural as possible. This goes hand in hand with my latest mission to get my skin to a place where I am completely comfortable going make-up free and I’m pretty freakin’ close ladies and gents.

In days past I would apply concealer on my dark spots then a light layer of foundation but even that was starting to become more work than I desired to put in, especially during the hot and humid summer months (I barely want to put on clothes in this weather). I wanted to go full on lazy-girl makeup.

Enter my summer (and probably life) skin savior, the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint. When I say I am obsessed with this product…I still don’t think you’ll fully understand. I’ve always been a major fan of the NARS brand because of their diverse range of colors and product quality; however, I was skeptical to try yet another skin tint and shell out $42 for it on top of that. Past forays with skin tints left me with makeup sliding off or appearing streaky once my face hit oil slick status by midday. Well curiosity eventually got the cat (as it usually does when I’m really interested in a product with rave reviews) and I stopped by Sephora to grab a sample of the tint. Three days later I was back buying the full-size product.

Pic-2 A few highlights:

  • Mattifying formula  helps keep my shiny forehead at bay
  • Buildable, which is perfect for focusing on problem spots
  • Lightweight
  • Staying power is real! No slipping, sliding or streaking
  • Formulated with SPF 30 (although I still layer with my SPF 30 moisturizer)
  • A little goes a loooong way


Some may call me crazy for spending that much money on a tint but it has been well worth it. It’s helped me to further simplify my makeup routine and it makes me feel great.

Heart Final Square



  1. you look so beautiful! your skin is flawless 🙂 love the last i ❤ nars picture too
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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